Baja Designs 2007-2020 KTM EXC Taillight Turn Signals LED Upgrade 3100 –

Kit Includes:
  • OEM KTM plugs installed
  • LED taillight assembly
  • 4 LED mini-stalk turn signals
  • License plate mounting bracket with frame
  • All necessary mounting hardware, terminals, and zip-ties
  • Detailed installation instructions

Kit Notes:
Installation of this kit requires that the stock turn signal indicator (green dash light) be disabled.
Baja Designs cannot guarantee that street legality requirements will still be met with installation of this kit. Please check with local laws prior to ordering.

This kit replaces the stock 07 KTM EXC taillight and turn signals with Baja Designs' low-profile LED units. Sheds 1lb of weight from the bike and is significantly less vulnerable to vibration and crash damage.

  • UPC: 308175291507
  • Brand: Baja Designs



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