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  • Take full control, your car is only as sharp as the brakes: Introducing our Triton Big Brake Kit developed specifically for fast road and track conditions. The Triton caliper boasts an impressive array of features to ensure perfect performance, durability and reliability. The perfect weapon to complete your track weapon, discover more below.
  • The perfect blend of street and track: Our Triton brake kit consists of; lightweight forged brake calipers, true 2-pc floating rotors and our Sparta Performance Pads (SPP1.0). This is the perfect blend of components for daily driving ensuring low dust, great initial bite and dependable braking under high temperatures. Our Triton BBK is just as at home on the track thanks to it's lightweight yet robust design, a 'through-bolt system' designed to reduce caliper deflection and castellated pistons to reduce heat transfer. In addition to an already impressive feature list, the Triton calipers are available to order with various piston combinations to ensure optimal brake bias is achieved. A durable metallic powder coat finish is supplied as standard on each brake caliper body, with a range of color options to ensure the aesthetics match the performance.
  • The distinction is in the design with no compromises made in the chase for perfection: Brakes are one of the most crucial components found on a vehicle, not only from a safety aspect but also under racing conditions. They can be the difference between winning or losing! Sparta's heritage and knowledge have been built through 30+ years of supply to the OEMs, where reliability, performance and safety have been at the forefront of each and every design. Learn more about our brake features below.
  • 2-pc slotted, floating rotors -'GP2': Engineered to endure extreme conditions, Sparta’s GP2 rotors feature a true free-floating 2-pc design. All GP2 rotors undergo stringent quality inspection procedures, from the center hat to the rotor ring. Our rotor hats are machined from billet aluminum to ensure maximum strength and weight reduction. Laboratory and on track testing have proven that our CX3.5 rotor alloy lasts longer and provides more stable friction profiles. GP2 rotors are coated with our E-Met formulation. This coating protects our rotors against rust and corrosion better than the leading coatings on the market. With these features, paired with our patented thermal window (TW3) slot pattern and our dynamic continuous flow (DCF96) pillar/post vane design, Sparta's rotors will outperform the competition.
  • Lightweight forged calipers: One of the crucial foundations of any braking system is the effectiveness and reliability of clamping pressure. Find out why Sparta calipers guarantee just that.
  • Brake pad material choice is critical to realize the full potential of any caliper: Any experienced driver will agree that selecting the correct brake pad friction material is essential to maximise performance and maintain confident & consistent braking. Select the wrong material and the pad surface could overheat, degrading the friction surface of your brake pad to the point where brake failure becomes serious factor. Equally as worse the pad may require high operating temperatures which if not achieved can have a similar effect. At Sparta we aim to educate our customers so they can select the correct brake pad for their needs.
  • The complete braking solution: Sparta's range of big brake kits include all necessary components to ensure complete and easy installation including: brake caliper pair, brake rotors, disc bell mounts, caliper mounting brackets, brake pads, brake lines, brake fluid and relevant fasteners.


Floating rotors -'GP2':
'TW3' Works as well as it looks:

To create the perfect rotor there needs to be a balance of available friction surface combined with a limited number of slots. Too many slots will leave less friction surface, therefore reducing brake efficiency. This will also cause an excess of pad resin deposits across the friction surface which if left to build-up can lead to 'hot spots'. Resin build-up can become so severe that it can cause brake shudder, pedal pulsation and sever vibration through the steering wheel. It most cases these symptoms are mistaken for rotor runout or a warped disc.
Sparta's engineers have studied the ramifications of pad resin build up on the rotor face and the effects it has on the braking system. These studies led to the creation of our patented TW3 (Thermal Window 3) slot design.
By machining our TW3 slot pattern into the face of the rotor, the pad resin spread becomes more even across the friction surface, reducing the chances of hot spots and pad deposits. To further minimize rotor stress, the TW3 slots start and end over the pillars in our patented DCF96 vent pattern, preventing excessive material thickness variations that can lead to cracking in extreme thermal environments.
'DCF96' The new standard for rotor ventilation:
Our patented Dynamic Continuous Flow (DCF96) brake disc vane design has proven to be superior to other designs on the market, addressing many weaknesses found in traditional vane designs. Traditional discs feature vane patterns that are either straight or curved. When heat is applied to a traditional disc, the material will expand both radially and linearly. The linear expansion results in the disc's friction surfaces ballooning outwards, which can cause up to a 30% loss of pad contact with the rotor. Another symptom of this linear expansion manifests as a shudder in the steering wheel or pedal under light braking pressure, commonly attributed to disc thickness variation (DTV).
The DCF96 vane design reduces and helps eliminate this linear expansion. The secret is in the vane design, which features 96 strategically placed pillars and posts for advanced heat distribution and DTV minimization. As a disc rotates, ambient air flows through the disc's ventilation channel. The air then circulates around the pillars, helping dissipate the heat and expel it away from the disc. The pockets in the DCF96 design conduct heat away from the friction surface and into the pillars, reducing the disc's linear expansion. The DCF96 vane design is multi-directional, meaning that they can be installed on either side of the vehicle without affecting their cooling efficiency, as opposed to traditional curved vane patterns that lose cooling efficiency if spun in the wrong direction.

Produced in both four and six-piston configurations, our Triton caliper is produced from forged T6-6061 aluminum and has been carefully crafted to offer significant weight reduction while retaining maximum strength.
The Triton caliper body is produced utilizing two forged halves, secured together with Grade A stainless steel fasteners. The Triton and Triton R caliper bodies feature a through-bolt design where fasteners go through the halves to ensure caliper flex is limited under extreme pressure, retaining maximum force on the brake pads and ensuring even pad wear.
Staggered piston sizes ensure the Triton caliper offers a stiffer and more responsive pedal feel, providing the perfect blend of brake torque across a variety of conditions. The Triton also comes equipped with our castellated pistons and dual seal system, ensuring minimum heat transfer from the brake pad backing plate into the body of the caliper and helping to keep brake fluid temperatures to a minimum. 
To continue the theme of strength and weight-saving, the caliper mounting brackets found supplied in each of our brake kits are produced from the same T6-6061 aluminum as the caliper body, precise, strong and lightweight.

Brand: Sparta Evolution

  • 2008-2015 Audi A5
  • 2008-2015 Audi A4



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