Select Increments 1976-2018 Jeep CJ7 CJ8 YJ TJ JK Wrangler Stealth Pod –

Select Increments 1976-2018 Jeep CJ7 CJ8 YJ TJ JK Wrangler will NOT FIT CJ5 unless no back seat in place Stealth Pod Enclosure Only 40473

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The Stealth-Pod™ is a 70 cu/ft. sealed enclosure made of very strong, no-flex ¼” textured plastic that houses just about any 10” subwoofer, even accepting subwoofers with very large magnets.  Installation hardware and detailed instructions with every Stealth-Pod.

The Stealth-Pod is a portable subwoofer enclosure designed to fit all CJ7, CJ8, 87-95 YJ, 97-06 TJ and TJ Unlimited, and all 07-16 JK and JK Unlimited Wranglers. Special hangers suspend the Stealth-Pod slightly off the tailgate and rubber pads isolate the pod, thwarting any vibration. The Stealth-Pod swings with your tailgate, leaving the tailgate fully functional. The pod is easily removed: just open the tailgate, pull the wire plug, and lift the pod of the hangers using the handle. The rest of your audio system will continue to work as it always did and your amplifier simply sits idle until you plug the pod in again. Worried someone may steal it or live in a not-so-safe area Take it with you! The Stealth-Pods smaller size leaves much of your cargo space intact and the portability is great when you need all the cargo space! The Stealth-Pod hides a 10 subwoofer from view and produces truly remarkable sound -the subwoofer fires downward on an angle, maximizing bass output. This position also protects the subwoofer from cargo and from the elements. Talk about versatilitytheres even little rubber feet included to attach to the base of the pod so you can take it indoors, put it on the floor, and use it in your home stereo system! Installation is quick and easy with instructions for all Jeep models.Its a matter of drilling some very small holes in specific places on the tailgate to mount the hangers and the correct drill bit for the job is included. You can download the instructions here on our site to view some helpful images and learn more about the install. Some early YJ models have a tailgate stop mechanism which will need to be removed to install the Stealth-Pod. Placement of the Stealth-Pod interferes with JK Wranglers that have the factory subwoofer in the cargo area.

Brand: Select Increments

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