Body Armor 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack Side and Cross Tubes TJ-6 –


  • 23 x 0.120 wall steel tube ,
  • Durable textured black powder coat finish
  • Retain the ability to retract soft top with base rack installed (requires removal of cargo basket)
  • Front and rear light bars standard
  • No unsightly cross bars
  • Uniquely designed to accept the Body Armor cargo basket
  • Engineered to hold up to the rigors of the trail
  • Includes: Side Tubes
  • Front Tubes


A long weekend off 4-wheelin' takes some serious prep. You’ll be far from civilization, and on your own. That means taking along not only proper off-roading gear like tools and a jack, but also camping gear and food. Maybe even some fishing tackle…You get the idea. If you're going by yourself, maybe you could cram all of that stuff into your Compatible With Jeep, but not if you're taking a friend, wife, or the kids. The answer to the cubic footage crunch is a roof rack. This trail-ready rack from Body Armor is constructed from 2” diameter x 0.120” carbon steel, so it's stout enough to actually provide some protection in the unlikely event of a rollover. It's a no-weld, no-drill install when used along with a Body Armor aftermarket rear bumper. Installation with a stock bumper is easy, but does require drilling a few holes.


  • 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler



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