I live in Fargo, North Dakota and anyone who lives in North Dakota knows what type of winter we have to endure. At night its almost impossible to drive in winter. You can hardly see what 10 feet in front of you. Driving at night is quite risky when its winter anywhere. One night in winter my taillight fused out and I had to drive around 125 miles to get home. I was scared out of my mind that I will have an accident today. Thank god that did not happen and I survived the night. The first thing I did after going home was to go online a find myself a taillight. After few moment of surfing the internet, I found a unique taillight. It was a portable wireless remote controlled temporary taillight. Today I will discuss this unique taillight made by Swift Hitch. The Swift Hitch portable wireless remote controlled temporary taillight has a rechargeable battery and battery life up to 6 hours. The taillight is made from long lasting LED and is red and white in color with a magnetic mount on the back. It also has a safety strap and is made from tough material which makes is very hard to damage and it is weather resistant. There are lots of one-button control features of this taillight signal; it has stopped, forward, left, right, reverse, emergency, flashlight mode, etc. The distance between controller and taillight is up to 100 feet and it also shows low battery level indicator. You can charge all 3 units (2 Taillights & 1 Controller) at the same time with either one of the. Inside you will find charging cables, 12 volt cigarette lighter Adapter charging cable (Vehicle), 120 AC to 12 volt charging cable (Home) and a carrying case. Also, it comes with one year warranty. So, drive safely at night by buying this simple auto accessory. I bought my taillight from http://autopartstoys.com or you can follow the link directly https://autopartstoys.com/products/portable-cars-rvs-trailers-and-boats-wireless-remote-controlled-temporary-tail-lights-for-cars-rvs-trailers-and-boats-st01?_pos=1&_sid=3da2a47c8&_ss=r&variant=36690099208358.They offer one of the lowest prices you can find on the net. There pricing is almost as direct factory warehousing price and any product worth over $50 has free shipping.