"I have been driving for almost 14 years and anyone who has been driving half as long as me knows that how important side view mirrors are. When I started driving there was just a plain mirror but now a days you can buy electric mirrors. These electric mirrors not only look cool but they also serve an essential purpose. Today I will talk about an electric mirror made especially for Ford cars made by Street Scene. Its a must buy auto-part for Ford car owners.  The Street Scene electric mirror can adjust your mirrors mechanically from inside of your car as the mirrors move vertically and horizontally. The Street Scene electric mirror can also keep the mirror heated. The heating keeps the glass from icing or fogging. This feature is very important if you live in a place where the weather is quite cold. The Street Scene electric mirror also assists the driver in changing direction, as the mirror has lights attached to it. The mirror lights can act as a secondary indicator and in some cases as a primary indicator. For buying any kind of Ford auto accessory I prefer to shop from autopartstoys.com or you can follow the link to directly buy the electric mirror. They offer direct factory warehouse prices and any purchase of over $50 has free shipping. Street Scene Brand are available !!​